Outlook on the web - How to switch language to English

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Login to Outlook on the web

Login to "Outlook on the web" on page mail.ff.cuni.cz. Use username in format "username@ff.cuni.cz" such as "novakma@ff.cuni.cz". (Do NOT use your email address in form "firstname.surname@ff.cuni.cz") Use your standard password.

Click "Gear" symbol on top-right side of screen. Then Choose "Pošta".

OWA presmerovani 00.png

Choose "Obecné", then "Oblast a časové pásmo".

OWA language 00.png

In drop box "Jazyk" chose your prefered language. Then Click "Uložit".

If there is an error message, try to unselect check box "Přejmenovat výchozí složky..."

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